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Temporary work or agency work is part of industry and trade nowadays and is an important component for companies. An experienced personnel service provider has been working with medium-sized and large companies for years and knows the needs of its customers. Personnel service providers from Germany, Poland or Eastern Europe often have access to projects and vacancies that can often only be identified through temporary work or so-called employee leasing. Temporary work is often the stepping stone for employees into industry or the free market. After a period as a temporary worker, the employee can get to know the company and switch to a permanent position.

The employee has the chance to gain experience, get to know other employees and structures. If necessary and in consultation with his or her personnel service provider, he or she can switch to the company or increase possible opportunities in another company.

Equal pay and equal rights are protected by the Temporary Employment Act and Equal Pay. Your personnel service provider supports you in all matters relating to your chances on the labour market.

Advantages of temporary work

  • They determine the duration of their assignment of our employees.
  • No laborious or unsuccessful recruitment is necessary.
  • Temporary work offers calculable personnel costs for your company.
  • Planned and controlled change through the application of new ideas and techniques.
  • support their workforce and in their projects.
  • The employees can be integrated into their company or taken over if required.
  • The hirer takes care of accommodation and logistics and, if necessary, replacements.

Disadvantages of temporary work

Temporary work often has a bad reputation. One of the disadvantages is that the employees often do not feel a sense of belonging and therefore no sense of responsibility arises. Often a fixed-term contract is agreed at the beginning or employees are often deployed in different companies. However, this also depends on the employer's needs.

  • Temporary workers may have to travel longer distances to work and are often less motivated.
  • Not only is the notice period very different from the permanent staff of the company where the temporary worker is employed, but caution is also required in the event of sickness due to the
  • They are not sufficiently protected against dismissal.
  • Temporary agency workers are not allowed to strike or elect a works council, nor are they entitled to a company pension or additional benefits from the company they work for.
  • Temporary workers often receive lower wages than permanent employees.
  • Temporary workers need to be more flexible than permanent workers as they can be used at will.
  • Subsequent employment cannot be guaranteed by the temporary employment agency.
  • There is often a lack of affiliation or recognition by the core workforce.
  • Temporary workers are not entitled to a company pension or benefits and allowances from the company they are employed by.

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