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Temporary employment specialists from Eastern Europe for trade and industry - temporary work from Poland and Eastern Europe.

Why employee leasing?

Employee leasing (ANÜ) is also called temporary work, temporary work or personnel leasing and is handled by the employee leasing contract. Employee leasing occurs when temporary workers are made available by an employer to a third party (borrower) for a limited period of time. A lack of specialists, applicants and candidates is causing more and more German employers to recruit Polish craftsmen, electricians, mechanics and construction workers via a recruitment agency abroad. While experts in some professions are extremely rare in this country, the Polish and Eastern European labor market still offers skilled workers in many professions. Within the framework of so-called work contracts, these specialists then take on work within Germany and the entire EU. This is made possible by appropriate laws on the posting of workers.

A large number of construction companies now have work carried out by Polish craftsmen. These craftsmen then work on the legal basis of so-called secondment and provide services on the construction sites within the framework of so-called work contracts. Specialists can be found for all trades and suitable sectors through a recruitment agency. Whether bricklayer, electronics technician or locksmith: With the help of a competent personnel agency for Eastern Europe, Polish specialists can be found for all upcoming work and machines.

Your partner for employee leasing, temporary employment or Temporary work from Poland

Are you also looking for skilled workers for your company? Then commission a recruitment agency with the corresponding search for qualified employees. Let Polish craftsmen, professional drivers and lorry drivers work for your company and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the current legal situation regarding the posting of workers.

At Zeitarbeit International, we make sure that your temporary employment with all papers and approvals, social security and taxes runs legally and quickly.

Our team takes care of logistics and accommodation, so you can rely on our experience to take care of business.

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Employee leasing - temporary staffing

Temporary employment is very popular in Germany because companies can use this instrument to flexibly cover their demand for employees. In the meantime, transnational employee leasing, in which a foreign company acts as the employer, is becoming increasingly important. As a personnel service provider, we have specialised in this sector and offer you well-trained craftsmen from Poland, among other things.

The trend towards transnational labour leasing is easy to explain: There is low unemployment in Germany, the labour market is largely empty. There is a shortage of skilled workers in particular. Qualified personnel such as craftsmen from Poland are the solution, and as a professional personnel service provider we support them in this. This service proves to be useful: most German employers are not familiar with the Polish market, they do not know the legal framework sufficiently and they do not have any contacts. We guarantee you these skills and knowledge. Thanks to our expertise and experience, we can provide you with craftsmen from Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, etc. who optimally match your requirements profile. Temporary employment is perfect for this.

Of course, you have to comply with the German minimum wage and collective agreement regulations, but you still save money. The foreign employer pays the social security contributions. Since the insurance amounts in Eastern European countries are lower than in Germany, this lowers the overall costs. At the same time, they do not tie themselves down. You can borrow the employees flexibly and at short notice.

Temporary workers from Poland or Eastern Europe

Polish employees in particular have proven to be qualified and motivated employees. Whether you are a craftsman, skilled worker, electrician, fitter or welder: By employing Eastern European employees and skilled workers, you prevent a possible shortage of skilled workers and open up many new opportunities for your company.

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We are your partner for suitable, specialised and motivated workers from Eastern Europe.

We are your partner for suitable, specialised and motivated workers from Eastern Europe.

Are you looking for workers in industry, trade or production? For your personnel needs, we offer you individual solutions through employee leasing from Poland, works contracts, personnel placement or posting of workers from Eastern Europe. We look forward to your non-binding inquiry.

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Staff leasing, personnel leasing and temporary work - what is the difference?

Temporary work, personnel leasing, employee leasing and agency work are synonyms for one and the same model: An employee (temporary worker or contract worker) is hired out by his employer (temporary work agency or personnel service provider) to a third company (borrower) for a certain period of time. The employee is permanently employed by the temporary employment agency and receives his salary from them. In addition to the employee's salary, the hiring company must also pay an additional fee to the personnel service provider for hiring the employee. Read more information here.

Advantages of temporary work for employees & employers

  • Workers have the chance to regain a foothold in the world of work after a long period of unemployment.
  • Workers get to know different companies and can, in addition to their work continue one's education.
  • Employers can use employee leasing to Staff shortages by borrowing workers at short notice.

Recruitment and temporary employment

Recruitment, also known as job placement, is about bringing job seekers and employers together. This activity is also carried out by a personnel service provider who is looking for a qualified specialist for a vacant position on behalf of an employer. After a pre-selection of applicants, the personnel service provider proposes suitable candidates to the client, between whom he can then make a final decision.

Thus, the decisive differences to temporary work are the following four points:

  • Employee is selected and permanently employed by the client.
  • An employment contract is concluded between the client and the employee.
  • Employment relationship exists between employee and temporary employment agency
  • Employee is selected and permanently employed by the client.
  • An employment contract is concluded between the client and the employee.
  • Employment relationship exists between employee and temporary employment agency

Employee leasing contract

Temporary work involves a relationship between three parties: The hiring company hires a worker and transfers him or her to the hiring company. The contract between the hirer and the rental company is called the employee leasing contract.

What should be in the employee leasing contract?

The temporary employment contract should state the following: Name and address of the hirer and the hirer's permit to hire out workers for commercial purposes. Furthermore, the name, qualification and national insurance number of the worker to be hired out as well as his place of employment in the hirer's company are required.

  • Declaration by the hirer of a permit to hire out workers
  • Activities and qualifications that the employee is required to perform, such as
    • Number of hours to be completed per day or week
    • Overtime regulations / surcharges for overtime work
    • Regulation on Sunday, holiday or night work / are there supplements?
    • What is the remuneration to the rental company per hour worked by the employee?
  • Information on the working conditions

When is an employee leasing contract required?

Employee leasing is required if the employer hires out employees as part of their economic activity. It is irrelevant whether hiring out employees is the main or secondary purpose of the company. There must always be an employment relationship and an employment contract between the lender and the temporary worker (employee leasing contract).

The temporary employment contract states in writing that the temporary employment agency has a permit to supply temporary workers. This means that a company using their services can be sure from the outset that it is dealing with a reputable provider.

We can offer you welders from Eastern Europe on a contract for work and labour basis. Locksmiths and welders from Slovenia, Bosnia and Croatia are very popular with our customers, regardless of the area.

No matter how large the assignment is for your customers or projects, contact us without obligation. Installers from Poland for construction, electrical helpers from countries such as the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland. Skilled workers such as photovoltaic electricians, Polish construction site workers, electronics engineers, mechatronics engineers, electricians from Poland.

Is it possible to transfer from temporary employment to a permanent position?

For many temporary workers from Poland and Eastern Europe, temporary employment is the perfect entry into their dream job. As a result, many employees find a way back into professional life, and temporary workers can also be taken on permanently by the hiring company. There are many advantages for the employee when taking over from temporary work. The Polish temporary worker has already got to know the company and can apply directly to be taken on by the company. However, it should be noted that the works council often has to agree to a transfer from temporary work to permanent employment.

Many temporary Polish craftsmen can do a few things to increase their chances of being taken on. The temporary worker should be punctual, loyal and motivated and of course enjoy his work. If the employee is a team player, the company will be happy to take the employee on.

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