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Workers from Poland & Eastern Europe - specialised personnel for trade, industry, logistics & services

Personnel placement from Poland & Eastern Europe for trade, production, logistics & industry

Looking for a recruitment agency in Poland or Eastern Europe? Are you looking for qualified craftsmen from Poland or hard-working assistants for construction, industry, logistics, electrical engineering, heating and sanitation or production? As an experienced personnel service provider, we have specialized in recruitment from Poland. Above all from motivated German-speaking craftsmen, electricians, welders, locksmiths, fitters from Poland and Eastern Europe. We place temporary workers and subcontractors from Poland in technical fields and specialize in recruiting and hiring individuals and qualified teams.

  • We only place certified temporary workers and subcontractors with the best professional qualifications, craftsmen from Poland & Eastern Europe
  • We place top jobs Craft, industry or construction
  • No overtime pay will be charged.
  • We take care of all forms and contracts
  • We are available to advise you on all legal issues and statutory regulations
  • We guarantee compliance with deadlines, agreements and quality of work

Our branches & services in personnel placement Poland

Trust our experience and competence in recruitment from Poland and Eastern Europe. Because craftsmen from Poland or Eastern Europe are very popular in Germany. No matter whether you are looking for simple helpers or skilled workers, production helpers or industrial workers from Poland, we will help you.

As a Polish recruiter, we place construction workers, skilled workers from trade and industry, welders, locksmiths, electricians, heating engineers and production workers. We also place simple factory workers, helpers or skilled workers from Poland according to your requirements.

Polish workers are hardworking and flexible. Choose between personnel placement from Poland or cheap temporary workers or Polish subcontractor teams. Polish craftsmen and unskilled workers are your guarantee for your company: from construction workers to skilled workers from Poland. Trust our experience!


Personnel services


subcontractor construction
  • Roofers from Poland
  • Bricklayer, painter, carpenter
  • Reinforced concrete worker, scaffolder
  • Road builders, drywallers
  • Tiler,, Carpenter
  • Floor parquet layer
  • Construction worker, construction helper

Production & Logistics

Forklift driver
  • Logistics specialist
  • Production helpers
  • Professional driver
  • Truck driver
  • Forklift driver
  • Loading aid
  • Assembly line worker

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Our service in personnel placement from Poland & Eastern Europe

We are your strong partner in recruitment and temporary employment from Poland and Eastern Europe. On the one hand, we place top jobs in trade, industry or services. On the other hand, we offer you a complete package with no surprises afterwards. We place Polish craftsmen individually according to your requirements and ensure compliance with legal regulations, deadlines and agreements. In addition to organizational and administrative tasks, our personnel services also include the necessary forms and approvals.

Temporary workers

We take care of a reputable and uncomplicated hiring of workers from Eastern Europe

Work contracts

With work contracts, we assign personnel from Eastern Europe to carry out specific tasks for a specific contract period.


We support German companies in sending skilled workers from Eastern Europe in accordance with the legal regulations.

Service contracts

Service contracts from Eastern Europe are becoming increasingly popular for various services and projects.


We are your recruitment agency from Poland and Eastern Europe for qualified skilled and unskilled workers.

polish subcontractors

Are you looking for craftsmen from Poland, workers in industry, crafts, logistics or production? For your personnel requirements, we offer you individual solutions through employee leasing, work contracts, personnel placement or the dispatch of workers from Eastern Europe. In the areas of outsourcing and on-site management, we plan individually according to your requirements and ensure compliance with legal regulations, deadlines and agreements. In addition to organizational and administrative tasks, our services also include the necessary forms and approvals. We look forward to your non-binding inquiry.

Your company needs cheap fitters or helpers from Eastern Europe? Contact us. We are your personnel service provider in matters ranging from classic personnel placement to the secondment of employees from Eastern Europe. Our company provides expert advice when it comes to employees from all trades. Reliable workers and craftsmen such as electricians from Poland or Slovenia.

Our subcontractors have worked on ships in Russia and Helsinki all over the world. Eastern European locksmiths and welders are very experienced when it comes to welding work or the dismantling of power plants, steel construction and the erection of production lines in factories. such as in the automotive industry.

This is how our international hiring works:

  • Let us know your staffing requirements - by phone or we will send you a form with the information we need for cooperation.
  • Based on your criteria for the future employee, we create a requirements profile for your skilled or unskilled worker from Poland and Eastern Europe.
  • - We research our internal database for suitable candidates who meet your criteria.
  • For successful recruitment, we collect the necessary documents from candidates.
  • We organise transport for workers at the place of work. They can be ready for work in Germany in as little as7 days.

Your advantages:

  • Free mediation: Our mediation is free of charge for you as a client
  • Complete Service Package: We take care of all organisational and administrative tasks, handle all forms and permits and ensure that deadlines, agreements and quality of work are met.
  • No overtime pay will be charged.
  • - Our satisfied customers - best references: Our satisfied customers are the best proof - Siemens, Infineon, Audi, Bosch, Porsche trust in our experience.

Our partner countries for personnel from Eastern Europe