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Contracts for work with skilled workers from Eastern Europe

Contracts for work and services from Eastern Europe are an effective means of covering workloads. With this form of personnel placement from Eastern Europe, you as an entrepreneur do not enter into any long-term commitments, but rather commission personnel from Eastern Europe for specific tasks. You can conclude these contracts for work from Eastern Europe either directly with individuals or with service providers. This variant is widely used, for example, in construction, catering and production. Given the right framework conditions, it is considered an attractive alternative to the usual hiring out of workers from Eastern Europe.

The advantages lie in the comparatively low costs, the planning security and the minimization of risks. In this way, work contracts from Eastern Europe can be concluded based on success: You only pay if the staff from Eastern Europe actually does the work in the agreed manner. This is not possible with a normal temporary worker from Eastern Europe and normal employment.

 Contracts for work and labour or contract for work and labour from Poland

Are you looking for personnel for a specific task in your company? With our company and our partners, we can advise you in the area of work contracts or service contracts from Poland or Eastern Europe.

We take care of accommodation and logistics, legal matters and outsourcing or production in Poland or Eastern Europe. If necessary, we provide tools and machines. Together with them, we draw up a contract for work.

As a personnel service provider, we have specialized in all types of personnel placement from Eastern Europe. In addition to temporary workers from Eastern Europe, we also organize work contracts from Eastern Europe. We support you in all areas, whether production, trade, construction, logistics in work contracts from Poland or Eastern Europe.

  • Firstly, entrepreneurs can rely on the fact that we specifically search for qualified personnel from Eastern Europe. In doing so, we take your requirements profile as the basis. We also attach great importance to social skills in the recruitment of personnel from Eastern Europe. In addition, we optimally prepare the potential employees for their future work.
  • Secondly, we draft and arrange contracts for work from Eastern Europe that meet all legal requirements. As an entrepreneur, you thus avoid the danger of committing legal violations with corresponding sanctions.
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Why personnel placement from Eastern Europe?

In the German skilled crafts sector, many companies are suffering from a considerable shortage of skilled workers. They are finding it difficult to fill training positions and jobs with suitable personnel. Many clients such as general contractors in the construction industry also face difficulties: they have problems finding qualified craftsmen for their construction projects. As a personnel service provider, we provide a remedy in both cases. We provide you with well-trained and reliable craftsmen from Poland. Thanks to our experience, expertise and networks in Poland, we guarantee you a professional selection of personnel. Our employees thoroughly check the professional qualifications and social skills of the craftsmen from Poland. For the form of employment, we choose contracts for work and services, which you conclude directly with the Polish skilled personnel. Contracts for work and services have several advantages: Firstly, they are performance-based contracts. You only have to pay the craftsmen from Poland if they perform the service specified in the contract. This specification can, for example, refer to a specific trade such as laying electricity lines or tiling rooms. Secondly, you remain flexible. Contracts for work and services end with the completion of the respective service. You do not enter into longer-term commitments as you would with a normal employment relationship. Thirdly, with a contract for work and services you only have to pay the remuneration; social security contributions do not apply. Last, but not least: Illnesses of the craftsmen from Poland do not cause any costs for you. This is also a significant difference to employment subject to social insurance contributions. We will be happy to advise you personally and in detail. You can also contact us with confidence if you need craftsmen at short notice.

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