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We provide you with certified subcontractors locksmiths, temporary Polish workers for stair assembly and steel structures. Our subcontractors locksmiths are well-equipped and well-established teams of various sizes. You have German language skills and could be operational in Germany in as little as 7 working days.

Are you looking for temporary locksmiths?

If you are looking for locksmiths, you have come to the right place. Depending on your needs, you can put together well-equipped and well-rehearsed locksmith teams of various sizes for your project. Whether industrial fitter, pipe fitter, machine fitter, steel/metal construction fitter, plumber, construction fitter or art fitter - if you are looking for experienced locksmiths, we will put you in touch with the best subcontractors from Eastern Europe.

All-round service for clients

A good temporary worker recruiting agency for locksmiths from Eastern Europe is not just limited to placement. At the same time, she advises clients comprehensively on all legal aspects to be observed. This applies, for example, to questions about taxes, social security and working conditions. In this way, a service provider ensures that clients do not violate any German laws in order to avoid fines and criminal proceedings. Contact us!

We provide suitable temporary workers for locksmith work

The service also includes intensive preparation of the locksmiths from Eastern Europe for their new job. Thanks to extensive consultations, they know exactly what to expect in Germany. This shortens the acclimatization and training period.

The right form of contract

Customers can secure the services of locksmiths from Eastern Europe in different forms. For example, a personnel service provider offers placement in a permanent position. With this service, companies can permanently cover their need for skilled workers. Posting from Eastern Europe and hiring temporary workers are alternatives. A recruitment agency will also provide competent advice on this choice. Firstly, the requirements of the company deserve attention, secondly, the legal framework also plays a role.

Looking for a temporary locksmith? We arrange the best, German-speaking subcontractors locksmiths for your project. We put together individual locksmith teams from the following areas:

  •  Shop fitter: For maintenance, repair and overhaul of machine and plant parts of a manufacturing or processing company
  •  Tinsmith: Our sheet metal workers are used for sheet metal processing in the broadest sense. Forming sheet metal with, for example, press brakes, cutting sheet metal to size with scissors and punches, guillotine shears and a cutting machine or thermal cutting processes such as flame cutting, manufacturing complex sheet metal constructions of all kinds by folding, beading and flanging.
  • Steel/metal fitter: Manufacture and assembly of steel supporting structures, steel stairs, steel bridges and similar load-bearing structures, but often also in apparatus engineering, for example in the manufacture of pressure vessels, in cooperation with pipe fitters and plant mechanics
  •  Machinist: Machinists are used for the construction, maintenance, repair and overhaul of machine and plant parts in mechanical engineering.
  •  Pipe fitterThe pipeline fitter still exists in industry and especially in civil engineering as an apprenticeship. The pipeline builder manufactures and assembles pressure pipelines according to ISO. The focus of the pipe fitter is the ability to read drawings. In addition, pipe fitters must also master all welding processes such as oxyfuel welding with gas and oxygen, but also various inert gas welding processes such as TIG (tungsten inert gas) MIG (metal inert gas).
  •  Artistic locksmith: Art locksmiths are professionals in creative metal design. Art locksmiths manufacture and assemble metal constructions individually.

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We are your partner for specialized and motivated temporary worker placement from Poland and Eastern Europe.

Are you looking for workers in the industrial sector for locksmith work, trades or locksmiths? For your personnel needs, we offer you individual solutions through employee leasing, works contracts, personnel placement or secondment of workers from Eastern Europe. We look forward to your non-binding inquiry.

We provide you with qualified subcontractors and temporary workers for hall construction, steel construction, industrial construction and special constructions. Within the scope of assembly, our certified skilled workers and specialists not only carry out all steel construction work professionally for you, they also relieve you of all tasks relating to fabrication and repair. Our steel construction subcontractors supply well-equipped and well-coordinated teams in various sizes. Our workers from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania speak German and can be on site within 7 days.

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This is how subcontractor placement works:

  • Tell us yours Personnel requirement for locksmith placement – by phone or we will send you a form with the information we need for cooperation.
  • Based on your criteria for the future employees, we create one requirements profil for your skilled or unskilled worker from Poland and Eastern Europe.
  • In our internal database we search for suitable locksmiths, that meet your criteria.
  • We collect the necessary documents from the candidates for locksmith work in order to work permits to open .
  • We organize that transport for locksmiths at the place of work. Already in 7 days they can be operational in Germany.


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