Service contracts

Service contracts with skilled workers from Eastern Europe

Staff leasing Eastern Europe is becoming increasingly popular. Under certain conditions, they are an attractive alternative to temporary employment from Eastern Europe and to work contracts. In principle, service contracts from Eastern Europe come into question for various services, for example, care work. Both contracting parties agree that the service provider will take on a certain task and receive remuneration for it. The service provider performs this task largely independently. For service contracts from Eastern Europe, this is an essential legal feature. Otherwise, it is more advisable to hire out employees from Eastern Europe. However, there are often fluid boundaries between the different possibilities of personnel placement from Eastern Europe. We will be happy to advise you comprehensively and competently on this. In addition, we formulate service contracts from Eastern Europe that are optimised for your purposes.

Advantages of service contracts

Basically, the advantages of service contracts are the comparatively low costs and the low obligations on the side of the client. Thus, service contracts from Eastern Europe can be limited to a certain period of time. The rules of protection against dismissal do not apply here.

Whether service contracts from Eastern Europe or employee leasing from Eastern Europe: In addition to legally impeccable contract design, entrepreneurs and individuals have a great interest in good and reliable personnel from Eastern Europe. As an established recruitment agency for Eastern Europe, we guarantee you personnel from Eastern Europe who will complete the tasks at hand to your satisfaction. Based on your requirements, we specifically search for suitable personnel from Eastern Europe who are convincing in terms of both professional and social skills. In addition, we see ourselves as a recruitment agency for Eastern Europe that comprehensively prepares all employees for their work in Germany. This minimises the time needed to settle in and the staff from Eastern Europe can immediately take up their work with full commitment.