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Polish subcontractors and labour from Eastern Europe offer you cost-effective and qualified solutions for your projects. Find out more about the advantages and the process of Recruitment from Poland. We can support you!

We are your Personnel service provider for Polish subcontractors

Do you need skilled labour from Poland? We are your reliable partner for Procurement of qualified subcontractors and skilled labour from Poland. Our comprehensive service accompanies you from the Recruitment up to the Posting. Thanks to our support, you can be confident that your projects will be realised smoothly and efficiently.

Advantages of secondment from Poland

The cooperation with Polish subcontractors and Workers from Poland brings many advantages:

  • Cost efficiencySignificantly lower labour costs compared to Western Europe lead to considerable savings.
  • Highly qualified specialistsPolish subcontractors are excellently trained and have valuable practical experience.
  • FlexibilityPolish specialists are prepared to work at short notice and on a project basis, which enables them to adapt quickly to current requirements.
  • Favourable geographical location;poland's proximity to Germany and Central Europe facilitates logistics and the transport of skilled labour.
  • Cultural proximity and language skillsMany Polish specialists speak German or English, which facilitates integration and cooperation.

These advantages make the secondment of Polish subcontractors and personnel is an attractive option for companies in various sectors. Working with Polish specialists can make your projects more efficient and successful.

Important documents for posting from Poland

You need certain documents to post Polish subcontractors. The most important documents include

  1. Labour contractsThese must clearly define the working conditions, duration and remuneration.
  2. work permitsDepending on the duration and type of employment, specific authorisations may be required.
  3. Proof of insuranceEnsure that the skilled workers are adequately insured during their assignment in your country.

These documents are crucial to avoid legal and administrative problems and to ensure a smooth secondment.

This is how our subcontractor placement works

Our mediation process is clear, structured and easy to understand:

  1. Your personnel requirementsPlease let us know your requirements by telephone or using the form.
  2. Team line-upWe put together a team of qualified subcontractors and skilled workers from Poland.
  3. Contract preparationYou will receive the necessary contracts to sign.
  4. Contract signingSign and return the contract.
  5. Organisation of the secondmentWe take care of all the logistics.
  6. Operational readiness: The subcontractors are ready for action within seven days.

This structured procedure ensures that the secondment process runs smoothly and efficiently.

Your advantages as a company

Cooperation with Polish subcontractors offers you Numerous advantages. One of the most important advantages is cost efficiency. Thanks to the lower labour costs in Poland, you can Significantly reduce overall costs. You also benefit from the professional competence of Polish specialists who have extensive expertise and experience.

Another advantage is the high Flexibility. You can quickly and efficiently adapt your personnel resources to the requirements of your project. Finally, you can rely on the thoroughly tested Personnel placement and qualified subcontractors. These advantages make working with Polish subcontractors a valuable investment for your company.

Our service for Polish subcontractors and personnel at Zeitarbeit International

Zeitarbeit International offers you a comprehensive service that ensures smooth and efficient co-operation with Polish companies. Subcontractors guaranteed. We take care of all aspects, from recruitment to secondment, to ensure that you get the best professionals for your projects.

  1. Careful selection and testingAt Zeitarbeit International, we make sure that all professionals placed are thoroughly screened and qualified. Our selection process ensures that subcontractors meet the highest standards and are ideally suited to your requirements.
  2. Specialists for every industryWhether you need support in construction, IT, production or skilled trades - Zeitarbeit International will find the right specialists for your specific requirements. Our broad network and in-depth industry knowledge enable us to recruit the ideal subcontractors for your projects.
  3. Comprehensive secondment service: Zeitarbeit International takes over the complete organisation of the Posting. This includes managing all the necessary documents, coordinating transport and accommodation and ensuring compliance with all legal requirements. We ensure that the specialists are ready for deployment quickly and efficiently so that you can concentrate on your core tasks.

Our goal with Zeitarbeit International is to provide you with the best Polish specialists and to make the entire recruitment process as uncomplicated and efficient as possible. With our many years of experience and our commitment, we ensure that your projects are successfully realised with qualified Polish subcontractors.

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