Outsourcing in Poland & Eastern Europe

Relocation of production or production in Poland or Eastern Europe

Do you have a shortage of skilled workers or labour? Relocate all or part of your business or production to Poland or Eastern Europe with us. Save yourself high wage and ancillary costs with us and our experience. We will gladly inform you about the advantages or send you our references.

Cost optimisation and reliability with Polish reliability let us convince you of the high potential in Poland. Save time and money, do it like your competitors and relocate your company with our experience to Poland or to another country in Eastern Europe.

We are your partner when it comes to outsourcing.

Why outsourcing

Outsourcing is the way to avoid high costs and risks. Simply have your production relocated to the Czech Republic or Slovakia. Here our partner companies have everything you need: Production halls, machines and above all experience. Do it like your competitors and relocate your production or service to Eastern Europe, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland or the Ukraine. No matter whether production, logistics or storage, in these countries it is permitted for citizens of third countries to work. Well-known companies from the automotive sector or industry and other trades already produce in Eastern Europe.

Mercedes in Hungary


Fiat in Poland

Land Rover in Nitra

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We are your partner in Outsourcing in Poland & Eastern Europe

No matter how big or small your company is, trust our experience when it comes to outsourcing / relocating your production or services around your company. We love challenges and offer you a complete package of production or logistics in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia or Ukraine.

  • The production of metal products, metal constructions or the chemical industry in the Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia or throughout Eastern Europe.
  • food production or beverage production as well as electrical production in Croatia, Hungary or Latvia.
  • Locksmiths, welders, metalworkers and electricians from the Czech Republic are popular all over the world.
  • Ukrainian or Serbian production workers in the Czech Republic or Slovakia are hard-working and reliable. We take care of everything around their success!

Establish a company abroad with the incorporation law firm

Do you want to set up a company abroad? We work with Gründungskanzlei, a full-service provider. We accompany companies from the foundation, account opening and throughout the entire business activity. Our tax advisors prepare VAT returns, annual accounts and are always available to answer other questions. We manage your company abroad and also advise on all legal matters.
Whether tax optimisation, inheritance/company succession, company expansion, foreign holding or asset management. We will find the optimal solution for almost any project.

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Relocation and outsourcing of production and production in the following countries

Benefit from our experience - we care about your success.