Personnel from Eastern Europe

We are a recruitment agency for Eastern Europe - temporary workers, subcontractors from industry, crafts, production, logistics, construction and service.

We are your personnel service provider for the placement of subcontractors and temporary workers from Eastern Europe.

Recruitment from Eastern Europe has established itself in Germany and throughout Europe. The shortage of skilled workers in Germany has reached an unprecedented level and it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to find suitable candidates. There is a regular deployment of Eastern European skilled workers in a wide range of trades. East European skilled workers come to Germany to work as craftsmen in various fields such as locksmiths, carpenters, electricians, welders or roofers. As a rule, they already have German skills and many years of professional experience, which they also use successfully in Germany. The qualified professionals work through a recruitment agency, which ensures their secondment and concludes contracts for work with the clients.

Labour market in Germany

The staff shortage in the skilled trades and industry continues to increase significantly in Germany. Every second company in Germany currently reports problems filling vacancies with qualified skilled workers. In many occupational fields, companies cannot find enough qualified skilled or unskilled workers on the German labour market.

We, Temporary Employment International, have a large network of subcontractors as well as staff from Eastern Europe: in Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia as well as Baltic States. We take care of recruitment in Eastern Europe, subcontracting, employee leasing, service contracts, work contracts, outsourcing, deployment of workers from Eastern Europe.

Avoid staff shortages with personnel placement & subcontractors from Eastern Europe

Subcontractors, temporary workers and staff from Eastern Europe give clients in Germany the opportunity to complete their projects on time, even on a tight schedule. Whether in industry, the skilled trades or production, project-related work and large companies are suffering from a shortage of skilled workers. That is why the demand for Eastern European subcontractors is increasing. We quickly and successfully provide you with certified temporary workers from Eastern Europe for trade, industry, logistics, service and production. Whether painters, electricians, locksmiths, production assistants or craftsmen from Eastern Europe, our subcontractors and temporary workers are available to you on time for large and small projects.

Our contact countries for personnel from Eastern Europe:

This is how recruitment from Eastern Europe works:

  •  We only place certified subcontractors and temporary workers with the best professional qualifications
  • We place top skilled & unskilled workers from Crafts, industry, logistics, production or construction
  • Our temporary workers speak German, are quickly available and flexibly deployable
  • - We take care of the complete processing: Organisation, administration, work permits, licensing, accommodation, catering, travel.
  • - You get a complete cost package with no surprises after the fact.
  •  Best price performance ratio in subcontractor & temporary worker placement from Eastern Europe

Smooth personnel placement - Temporary work & subcontractors from Eastern Europe - Top industries and related trades

Electricians from Eastern Europe
Electricians from Eastern Europe

Highly qualified teams for electrical and cable technology, experienced control cabinet builders etc.

Locksmiths from Eastern Europe
Locksmiths from Eastern Europe

Our factory fitters, machine fitters, steel and metal construction fitters are flexible in use in industry and trade.

Welders from Eastern Europe
Welders from Eastern Europe

We provide you with certified MAG and TIG-WIG welders, pipe welders, plasma welders, stainless steel welders, etc.

Industry Eastern Europe
Industry Eastern Europe

Skilled workers from industrial assembly, mechanical engineering, automation, conveyor and process technology, production assistants & packers.

HVAC / GWH skilled worker
HVAC / GWH skilled worker

Subcontractors for heating, air conditioning, maintenance work and plumbing for building installations, fine installations etc.

Construction workers from Eastern Europe
Construction workers from Eastern Europe

Craftsmen, painters, construction workers, bricklayers, formers, carpenters, foremen, sanitary fitters for renovation, interior work, building construction and civil engineering.

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Our service in subcontracting & personnel placement from Eastern Europe

We are your strong partner in the areas of subcontractor placement, staffing, employee leasing, temporary employment from Eastern Europe: Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia and the three Baltic countries Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Our subcontracting & recruitment services from Eastern Europe cover top professions from the skilled trades, industry or construction and offer you cost-complete packages without any subsequent surprises.Benefit from our many years of expertise in personnel management and place your recruitment in the hands of a professional. We place Eastern European subcontractors and personnel from Eastern Europe who meet your requirements and demands. In this way, entrepreneurs remain flexible because they get the right contact persons and employees for production peaks and large projects that have to be completed within a very short time. Trust our experience.

Temporary workers

We take care of a reputable and uncomplicated hiring of workers from Eastern Europe

Contracts for work Eastern Europe

With work contracts, we assign personnel from Eastern Europe to carry out specific tasks for a specific contract period.

Secondment Eastern Europe

We support companies in sending skilled workers from Eastern Europe in accordance with the legal regulations.

Service contracts

Service contracts from Eastern Europe are becoming increasingly popular for various services and projects.


We are your partner for suitable, specialised and motivated workers from Eastern Europe.

Employee leasing Eastern Europe

With temporary staffing, we offer quick help in case of personnel bottlenecks in order to cope with acute order peaks. We offer you our expertise in temporary staffing for specific projects. Temporary staffing gives you flexibility and more room for manoeuvre in personnel management. The employees are employed by us with regular employment contracts and the statutory pensions, social benefits, etc. are paid through us.

  • Our subcontractors bring with them the professional requirements
  • Speak German and can communicate well
  • Our skilled workers integrate themselves into the company

Advantages of temporary work from Eastern Europe

  • Through temporary work, workers from Eastern Europe find a secure and permanent job and thus a way out of unemployment.
  • The income of agency workers is above the minimum wage.
  • Temporary employment makes it easier to enter and re-enter the world of work
  • Eastern European workers gain crucial experience on the job, have insights into different companies and thus expand their know-how and personal network.
  • Personnel service providers offer access to a broad pool of jobs at well-known companies and open up interesting development and training opportunities.

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