Secondment of skilled workers from Eastern Europe

Many companies now cover their labour needs by sending workers from Eastern Europe. Germany has a shortage of workers in many areas. Qualified personnel from Eastern Europe is the solution. How companies want to organise the secondment from Eastern Europe depends on their needs and the respective legal framework. One option, for example, is the classic transfer of workers from Eastern Europe, i.e. temporary work. In the case of temporary employment from Eastern Europe, service providers hire out staff from Eastern Europe flexibly for specific periods of time. Alternatively, there are contracts for work and services available for personnel placement in Eastern Europe. In the case of contracts for work and services, both sides agree, for example, on the performance of a specific task.

Polish craftsmen

However, German companies usually cannot organise the secondment from Eastern Europe on their own, because it requires a lot of know-how about the labour market in Poland and other countries as well as about the legal regulations. Those who want to employ staff from Eastern Europe should rather turn to a professional recruitment agency for Eastern Europe. As specialists in personnel leasing from Eastern Europe as well as contracts for work and services, we use modern recruitment methods to find the optimal personnel from Eastern Europe. We apply strict standards to the professional criteria and social skills. It goes without saying that we are always guided by your requirements profile for personnel from Eastern Europe. In addition, we guarantee a legally impeccable secondment from Eastern Europe. Many things have to be taken into account. This applies, for example, to reporting requirements, taxes, social insurances and possible collective bargaining agreements. With us as an established recruitment agency for Eastern Europe, you can rely on a lawful arrangement of the employment relationship.

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