Temporary work from Poland & Eastern Europe

Temporary agency work definition

Temporary work or temporary employment describes a relationship between the employer (lender), the employee (temporary worker) and the company where an employee works (temporary employment agency). For this purpose, a contract is concluded between the worker and a temporary employment agency or a personnel service provider.

If you as a company need qualified temporary workers at short notice and want to save costs - temporary work Poland offers numerous advantages and opportunities for both Polish temporary workers and companies.

Personnel leasing Eastern Europe

Temporary workers from Poland and other European countries are an effective means of meeting the demand for skilled and unskilled workers. Due to a shortage of skilled workers in Germany, many German companies are turning to tradespeople from Poland , Baltic States and Eastern Europe. With Polish temporary employment agencies, companies can save money. Therefore, use temporary work from Eastern Europe, there is still staff available here.

If you use qualified temporary workers from Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria or Ukraine, you save time and money. The Polish temporary employment agency Zeitarbeit International is a reliable partner at your side. With the help of our highly qualified temporary workers from Poland and Eastern Europe, you can fill staffing gaps quickly, safely and cost-effectively.

Temporary work & Subcontracted workers from Poland.

Polish craftsmen Temporary workers are in great demand. This is because many jobs on the German labour market are increasingly being carried out by temporary workers from Poland and Eastern Europe.

Craftsmen from Poland, Production helpers from Romania, Electricians, locksmiths, welders and roofers from Poland and Eastern Europe are often in use in Germany. Because we provide your company with Polish craftsmen in various industries: Automotive industry, mechanical engineering industry, electrical industry, food industry, construction industry, electrical engineering, industry.

Boundless hiring out of workers

We as staffing agency for international temporary work have specialised in cross-border employee leasing from Eastern Europe and have built up a large network of contacts. This network ensures a professional and quick placement of temporary workers in the fields of craft, construction and industry, production.

Are you looking for Polish craftsmen as temporary workers? Tell us your requirements and we will find you the right temporary workers from Poland! You can also contact us if you have a short-term requirement. Temporary employees can make a significant contribution to relieving companies during production peaks.

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We are your Polish temporary employment agency, experienced personnel service provider for motivated temporary workers from the following industries:

Temporary workers for production

Temporary workers production assistants
  • Production helpers
  • Production workers
  • Manufacturing workers
  • Controllers
  • Electrician
  • Locksmith & Welder
  • Mechanical engineer

Temporary workers for construction

subcontractor construction
  • Bricklayer & Plasterer
  • Road builder
  • Drywallers & Scaffolders
  • Tischler
  • Building helper
  • Floor parquet layer
  • Roofers & Plumbers

Temporary workers for industry

Man is programming robotic arm with control panel which is integrated on smart factory production line. industry 4.0 automation line which is equipped with sensors and robotic arm
  • Machinist
  • Shop fitter
  • Steel/metal construction fitter
  • Controllers
  • Pipeline construction
  • Heating engineer
  • Ventilation systems

What do I need to know about temporary work from Poland?

  • First of all, the hiring company resp. the Polish temporary employment agency needs a German permit for the supply of temporary workers. This is mandatory to check before employing the Polish craftsmen. Because it must be current and valid.
  • Second, it is not employee leasing is allowed in the construction industry.
  • Thirdly, the German Minimum wage be paid for all Polish craftsmen, regardless of whether they are unskilled or skilled workers from Poland, plus the statutory surcharges.
  • Fourthly, employees from Poland must work for the hirer. Sick and socially insured be and have a valid and up-to-date A1 Form prove.
  • Even when hiring out workers from Poland, the employees must be declared to customs.

Only trust an experienced company that is familiar with all laws and requirements. Whether it's subcontractors or temporary work from Poland, they provide legal and professional support with experience.

Temp Work International your strong partner!

Polish temporary workers and temporary employment agency

Temporary employment agency hires a temporary worker with a contract. This means that the temporary worker from Poland has the same rights and obligations as a regular employee. It ensures that the temporary worker fulfils the assignment time and location of the client.

Temporary agency work is characterised by the following factors:

  • Economic employee leasing: the leasing of employees aims at offering services or goods on a specific market. This also includes intra-group or non-profit transfers.
  • Limited duration: the temporary worker may not be left for longer than 18 months.

Advantages of temporary work from Poland & Eastern Europe

  • Temporary workers from Poland or temporary workers have the chance to regain a foothold in the world of work after a long period of unemployment.
  • Due to the temporary assignment, the temporary workers from Poland & Eastern Europe get to know different companies and can develop their skills alongside their work. continue one's education.
  • Companies can use employee leasing to Staff shortages by borrowing temporary workers at short notice.
  • Temporary work offers companies Flexibility and higher competitiveness
  • Lower personnel costsas the temporary workers from Poland & Eastern Europe are satisfied with minimum wage.
  • Low recruitment effortas the temporary employment agency takes care of the recruitment process.
  • Access to large Agency Workers Network
  • Motivated and qualified Skilled workers & craftsmen from Poland & Eastern Europe

Polish agency workers and generally agency workers from Eastern Europe and countries like Poland, Czech Republic, the Slovakia and Hungary are punctual, hardworking and reliable when it comes to working in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. And there are many reasons for this. Often, the employees earn only half of what they earn in their countries and are not paid any bonuses. These people also have dreams and goals and family in their countries. They want security and a solid income.

With a reliable Polish temporary employment agency and our Eastern European partners in countries such as Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania and Eastern Europe, reliable support for employees is guaranteed, thanks to our experience and network in all these countries.

Starting with the journey, i.e. the logistics, to the work clothes and a pleasant and homely accommodation with internet and a personal support on site. Our team is on site for you in case of big and small problems of the employees and temporary workers from Eastern Europe from Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia and the Ukraine. The costs for the client are also manageable, as well as flexible relief for the permanent staff. And clearly flexibility and a higher competitiveness and a transparent employee performance.

Disadvantages of Temporary Work from Poland & Eastern Europe

We would also like to explain the disadvantages of temporary employment from Poland, Eastern Europe, Lithuania, Latvia and Hungary and address them, even if they are much smaller and less significant than the advantages listed:

  • The Eastern European agency worker is sometimes excluded by the permanent staff and therefore does not develop a sense of belonging.
  • The temporary worker from Eastern Europe often longs for his country or his family.
  • In the beginning, temporary workers from Eastern Europe often get less pay than their permanent colleagues.
  • The temporary workers have to be more flexible, because they do not know where they will be deployed next by the temporary employment agency from Poland Eastern Europe.
  • Temporary workers are also exposed to great financial insecurity, as they do not know whether they will get a follow-up job.

Temporary work from Eastern Europe as well as subcontractors from Poland, Eastern Europe, Hungary the Ukraine are very popular with our clients. Temporary workers from Poland or the Czech Republic are flexibly hard-working and motivated and have been working for German customers for years. Our service team looks after the employees on site and in the factories or construction sites throughout Europe. We provide the work clothes, logistics and accommodation, help with problems and take care of the needs of the Polish craftsmen on site. Because our motto is: only a satisfied employee is a motivated employee in your company.

Temporary worker placement - how it works

  • Make a non-binding Personnel request and define your needs: number of temporary workers, tasks, at what time.
  • Based on your criteria for the future employees, we create one requirements profil for your temporary workers from Poland and Eastern Europe.
  • In our internal database we search for suitable candidate, that meet your criteria.
  • We collect the necessary documents from the candidates in order to work permits to open .
  • Already in 7 days they can be operational in Germany.
Temporary workers

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