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Temporary work in the construction industry

Who are temporary workers and what are the legal requirements for temporary work in the construction industry? Contract workers or temporary workers are permanently employed by a personnel service provider, but work at another company, namely a customer company of the personnel service provider. You have changing assignments at different customer companies. Temporary work in the construction industry is becoming more and more popular due to the constantly growing shortage of skilled workers in Germany. Many temporary workers painters, drywallers, tilers and roofers come from Poland. With the help of Polish craftsmen, staff shortages in the construction industry can be flexibly mastered through temporary work.

Many German construction companies use the temporary employment model to react flexibly to changes in the market. Whether it is a question of economic fluctuations, temporary staff shortages or temporary peaks in orders, temporary work, especially in the construction industry, can easily overcome such temporary staff shortages.

Temporary employment in the construction industry - what is there to consider?

In the construction industry, the desire for flexible personnel assignments is even greater than in any other industry. However, very special rules apply to temporary workers in the construction industry, which must be observed. The assignment by a classic temporary employment agency in the main construction trade is strictly prohibited according to § 1b AÜG (employee leasing).

Temporary work in the construction industry is only permitted if it takes place exclusively between companies in the construction industry. In addition, the AÜG may only be operated within five building tariff areas, namely: construction, roofing, demolition, scaffolding and gardening and landscaping. As a result, only a scaffolding company may lend staff to a scaffolding company.

Temporary workers in the construction industry - challenges in practice

Temporary work in the construction industry faces numerous challenges, as temporary work in the construction industry is only legally permissible under very narrow conditions, as both the hirer and the hired-out must belong to companies in the same construction industry.

Equal Treatment - principle of equality

According to Section 8 (2) AÜG, the principle of equality in the construction industry is deviated from by applying a collective agreement for temporary work, but only for nine months. This enables the lender to deploy staff flexibly and at short notice. In the construction industry, temporary employment must be operated exclusively on an equal treatment basis. As a result, the lender must grant his employee comparable working conditions for the entire leasing period.

AÜG in the construction industry - with us as your partner

Zeitarbeit International specializes in temporary work in the construction industry. We provide the best roofers, craftsmen from Poland, temporary workers and subcontractors for the construction industry from Poland and Eastern Europe for renovation, interior design, structural and civil engineering, road construction or bridge construction:

  • Mason
  • Reinforced concrete builder
  • Road builder
  • Drywall
  • Scaffolder
  • Tischler
  • Plumber
  • Construction worker
  • Building helper
  • Floor parquet layer
  • Roofer
  • Tiler,

We are available to advise you on all legal issues relating to the supply of temporary workers in the construction industry. Together with you, we will draft employment and temporary employment contracts. Our experts will also advise you on individual questions regarding the application of collective bargaining and statutory regulations for the supply of temporary workers. Contact us and rely on our experience and competence.

Polish subcontractors

Are you looking for subcontractor teams for your construction business? Whether crane operators, bricklayers, formworkers, tilers, carpenters, heating engineers, foremen, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, tinsmiths, joiners and other related construction and skilled trades, we are the right contact partner for subcontractor recruitment.

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