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Top subcontractors from Poland & Eastern Europe

We quickly and successfully provide you with subcontractors from Poland for trade, industry and production. Whether painters, electricians, locksmiths, production workers or craftsmen from Poland, our Polish subcontractors are available to you on schedule for large and small projects.

What is a subcontractor?

A subcontractor is an independent contractor who subcontracts parts of the work to contractors.

Usually, a subcontractor contains orders from main contractors (or called general contractors). The order is placed in a work contract. Nevertheless, all negotiations with the client - from the placing of the order to the organizational and financial processing - are carried out exclusively via a single subcontractor agent.

Are subcontractors wanted? We support you with this! We take over the complete subcontractor mediation and ensure smooth processing.

Why are you looking for subcontractors from Poland & Eastern Europe?

There are different reasons why it is worth looking for a Polish subcontractor craftsman. These include, among other things:

  • Possibility of reducing costs in terms of personnel
  • Saving time for more important tasks
  • Maintaining competitiveness

Your advantages as a client

  • On the one hand, you can commission those specialists that you need to carry out certain tasks on an order-related basis.
  • In addition, the administrative effort involved in work contracts is very low.
  • In addition, the use of subcontractors from Poland and Eastern Europe gives you flexibility in personnel planning.
  • We have a variety of qualified and competent subcontractors from Poland, the Baltic States and Eastern Europe.
  • You also save time because we take care of all the subcontractor mediation.

Where can you find Polish subcontractors?

There are numerous portals on the Internet that specialize in subcontracting.

We, Zeitarbeit International, help you to provide missing workers in a timely manner. Trust our experience in subcontractor placement. We are the best subcontractor placement from Poland!

What should be considered with subcontractors from Poland?

When it comes to subcontractors or employees such as specialists, unskilled workers or simple craftsmen from Poland, the following must be observed:

  • - Any Polish company or firm must be registered with the Trade Register in Poland.
  • - The Polish subcontractor needs a valid and international tax number to be verified.
  • - Social insurance is compulsory for employees of the Polish construction company.
  • - A craftsman from Poland must prove his social security with an A1 certificate.
  • - Subcontractors from Poland or Eastern Europe should register the employees properly, otherwise the German client is fully liable.
  • - As a client in Germany, please also pay attention to the exemption certificate in order to avoid the construction withholding tax.
  • - Posted employees or subcontractors from Poland must be registered with German customs. An electronic declaration must be made at customs.

We mediate Polish subcontractors from top industries:



We provide you with qualified subcontractors from mechanical engineering, industrial assembly, industrial electronics through to automation, conveyor systems and process technology as well as production helpers, Polish craftsmen as well as packers and sorters. Because our craftsmen subcontractors from Poland and Eastern Europe deliver well-equipped and well-established teams of various sizes.

  •  Mechanical engineering
  •  Plant construction
  •  Robotics
  •  Process technology
  •  Automation
  •  Machine relocation


We provide you with subcontractors from Poland and other EU countries for production, manufacturing industry, factories, metal industry, food industry etc.

  • Production workers
  • Production helpers
  • Manufacturing workers
  • Assembly line worker
  • Controllers
  • Bottlers
  • Packer & Sorter
production assistants from Poland
subcontractor construction


We quickly and successfully provide you with certified subcontractors from Poland and Eastern Europe for the construction industry: craftsmen from Poland, painters, construction workers, etc. for renovation, interior design, structural and civil engineering, road construction or bridge construction.

  • Mason
  • Reinforced concrete builder
  • Road builder
  • Drywall
  • Scaffolder
  • Tischler

Electrical / Electrical Engineering

We place highly qualified assembly teams from electrical and cable engineering, experienced control cabinet builders and industrial electricians, etc.

  • Building electrics
  • Lighting technology
  • Cable construction and cable laying work
  • Installation of switches and sockets
  • Electrical work around heating systems
  • Industrial installations
  • Maintenance of electrical installations
  • Troubleshooting
Polish electricians
Heating technicians from Eastern Europe

Heating, air conditioning & sanitary

We provide you with certified Polish subcontractors in the areas of heating and plumbing for building installations, fine installations or maintenance work.

  • Fine installation of ventilation systems
  • Central and decentralized ventilation systems
  • Planning of heating systems
  • Heating installation and assembly
  • Bathroom renovation
  • Pipeline construction


We provide you with certified TIG welders, MIG / MAG welders and electric welders. Our subcontractor welders from Poland and Eastern Europe are well-equipped and well-established teams of various sizes. You have German language skills and could be operational in Germany in as little as 7 working days.

  • Arc welding
  • Gas-shielded welding
  • Metal inert gas welding
  • Metal active gas welding
temporary workers from poland


Our factory fitters, machine fitters, steel and metal construction fitters from Poland and Eastern Europe are flexible in their work in industry and trade.

  • Shop fitter
  • Tinsmith
  • Machinist
  • Pipe fitter
  • Artistic locksmith
  • Steel/metal construction fitter

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We are your partner for suitable, specialized and motivated construction workers, craftsmen from Poland and Eastern Europe.

Are you looking for subcontractors in the construction industry and ancillary trades for renovation, interior design, building construction and civil engineering, road construction or bridge construction? We provide you with certified construction workers: painters, construction workers, craftsmen from Poland and Eastern Europe. For this we offer you individual solutions through employee leasing, works contracts, personnel placement or the dispatch of workers from Eastern Europe. We look forward to your non-binding inquiry.

Because temporary workers and subcontractors from Poland or the Czech Republic are very popular in industry and trade. Regardless of whether you are looking for unskilled workers or skilled workers from Poland or Hungary, our company places Polish craftsmen from all areas.

Even if you are looking for welders from Slovenia, Poland or Lithuania, electricians from the Czech Republic or the Ukraine - we are your strong partner when it comes to personnel from Eastern Europe. We provide temporary workers, subcontractors, take care of work contracts from Poland and all of Eastern Europe.

Zeitarbeit International s.r.o. mediate from all areas: be it painters, varnishers, scaffolders, locksmiths, drywallers or welders from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and all Eastern European countries. We take care of the entire process. Our services include temporary employment, work contracts, service contracts, posting.

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