On-site management

The overall management of the workforce with on-site management

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We, Zeitarbeit International, are the leading personnel service provider in Germany when it comes to personnel from Eastern Europe. Our strength lies in recruitment, subcontractor placement, Temporary work in the fields of industry, logistics, transport, production, mechanical engineering, plant construction. From employee leasing to work contracts, service contracts, outsourcing to on-site management - we are on duty around the clock for our clients in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

On-site management

Onsite management" (or "on-site management") . is a service provided by the personnel service provider and is usually aimed at companies that have a high demand for temporary workers. Here we, Zeitarbeit International, take over the complete management of temporary workers directly at the place of deployment: needs assessment, consulting, planning, recruiting and induction of employees. We are at your side as a permanent contact partner.


Advantages of on-site management

As a customer, you benefit from our onsite management, as it relieves you of workload and enables you to work more efficiently. Onsite management increases productivity and reduces costs. In addition, as a personnel service provider, we ensure smooth communication and thus fast response times. We select temporary staff appropriately and integrate them quickly into your company.

  • Flexibility in planning the workforce on site
  • Low bureaucratic effort
  • Individual personnel planning processes
  • Minimisation of workload
  • Little time required
  • Short information paths

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Are you looking for workers in the fields of industry, mechanical engineering, pipeline construction, steel construction, trade or production? We offer you individual solutions for your personnel needs through employee leasing, works contracts, personnel placement or sending of workers from Eastern Europe. We look forward to receiving your non-binding enquiry.

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On-site management vs. outsourcing - what is the difference?

Onsite management and outsourcing must be clearly distinguished from each other. Outsourcing means that entire company processes are outsourced and placed in the responsibility of personnel service providers - for this, comprehensive competences must be built up on the part of the service provider.

The core idea of onsite management, on the other hand, is to carry out personnel management for temporary workers on site. Onsite management is therefore the organisation and supervision of personnel, whereas outsourcing involves taking over entire branches of the company.

  • Workers have the chance to regain a foothold in the world of work after a long period of unemployment.
  • Workers get to know different companies and can, in addition to their work continue one's education.
  • Employers can use employee leasing to Staff shortages by borrowing workers at short notice.

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