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We place production assistants, production workers, manufacturing workers from Poland & Eastern Europe

We provide subcontractors & temporary workers for production, manufacturing industry, factories, metal industry, food industry: production assistants, fillers, production workers, assembly line workers, inspectors, packers & sorters, production workers from Poland & Eastern Europe.

Are you looking for production workers from Poland?

Production workers from Poland are employed in industries where goods are produced. Production assistants or production workers can be found in machine or metal construction, pharmaceutical, wood, food or textile industries, factories. But also in manufacturing industry, metal industry, food industry etc.

The activities of production assistants or factory workers are very different. So does the complexity of the work. In textile companies, production assistants ensure that the materials for the production of garments are always ready for the seamstresses. In mechanical engineering, production assistants carry out simple welding work or transport individual parts that are necessary for the production of vehicles, for example.

Your personnel service provider for subcontracting and temporary work

We specialize in placement of production assistants, factory workers from Poland and Eastern Europe. Our production assistant from Poland, Eastern Europe & the Baltic States is productive, motivated and professional. We are looking for suitable production personnel and manufacturing personnel for you. Whether bottlers, inspectors, packers, sorters, order pickers from Poland, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia or Ukraine, we are your reliable partner in recruitment.

Temporary work international offers you the opportunity to find reliable personnel for production and manufacturing from many sectors at short notice or to find new employees from Poland and Eastern Europe in the long term.

Production workers, manufacturing workers

We offer a production worker placement and find experienced and reliable temporary workers for different industries for you as quickly as possible:

Advantages of Eastern European production worker placement

Due to a shortage of skilled workers, more and more German companies are using the placement of production assistants and production personnel. Workers from Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Lithuania or Bulgaria are very motivated and popular. Eastern European production worker placement offers numerous advantages:

  • Workers from Eastern Europe are much cheaper, as they are also satisfied with the minimum wage.
  • Many skilled workers from Poland, Croatia and Romania learn the German language and culture at school. This makes it easy for them to communicate in German companies and to integrate into the company structure.

We place the best, German-speaking subcontractors & temporary workers for production, manufacturing, mechanical engineering, metal industry, factories. We place production staff and manufacturing staff from Poland, the Baltic & Eastern Europe.

  • Bottlers for the filling of hazardous substances, operation of filling equipment, labelling of containers.

  • Assembly line worker for work on the assembly line, loading, filling, machine operation, portioning, etc.

  • Picker for picking, sorting, packing, scanning of goods.

  • Manufacturing workers for preparing the workplace and the workpieces, assembly, reworking, etc.

  • Controllers for quality control, complaint handling, analysis, maintenance and care, documentation etc.

  • Packing aids for the work in production at the end of the belt, belt removal, packing, stacking, etc.

  • Production helpers for operating the production line, loading pallets, general helper activities, etc.

  • Production workers for fine soldering with soldering iron, packaging and visual inspection of equipment etc.

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We are your partner for the placement of motivated production assistants, production workers & manufacturing employees.

Looking for subcontractors? Find suitable, specialised and motivated workers from Eastern Europe.

Are you looking for subcontractors or temporary workers for production & manufacturing in factories, mechanical engineering, textile industry, food industry? Then we are sure to have the right Polish and Eastern European skilled workers for your subcontractor order in our network. We offer you individual solutions for your personnel requirements through Temporary workers, Works contracts,, Personnel placement or Posting of workers from Eastern Europe. We look forward to receiving your non-binding enquiry.

Are you looking for shift workers from Poland to work in your company? Whether production helper, packer, forklift driver - we are your competent partner when it comes to temporary workers from countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia and Romania. With a reliable personnel service provider for production, industry and trade from Poland, you can expand your success and competitiveness towards your employees.

Our production worker placement - we recruit from Poland and Eastern Europe:

Production worker recruitment looks for suitable German-speaking production assistants, production workers and production employees for you so that there are no language barriers. Due to the lack of skilled workers, more and more companies are using the production worker placement service, which recruits workers from Eastern Europe. We offer companies personnel for production & manufacturing such as fillers, production workers, assembly line workers, pickers, inspectors, packing helpers, production helpers and production managers. For assembly line work, production line quality control, packing, sorting, scanning to general helper work.

This is how the recruitment process works:

  • Tell us yours staff requirements with - how many manufacturing & production employees for which tasks and which period of time you need.
  • Based on your criteria for the future employees, we create one requirements profil for your skilled or production workers from Poland and Eastern Europe.
  • In our internal database we search for suitable production assistants and production workers, that meet your criteria.
  • We collect the necessary documents from the candidates in order to work permits to open .
  • We organize that transport for the workforce at the place of work. Already in 7 days they can be operational in Germany.
production assistants from Poland

Our services in recruitment for production & manufacturing

We are your strong partner in the areas of Personnel placement, Temporary workers, Temporary work from Poland and Eastern Europe. Our production & manufacturing workers from Poland, Croatia, Hungary and other Eastern European countries are at your disposal. Our large network of production assistants & production workers enables us to reduce the costs for Temporary workers and subcontractors keep the costs low. Our broad network enables us to place manufacturing & production employees without overnight accommodation or travel costs for temporary work. Benefit from our network and cover your complete production workers & manufacturing personnel requirements for personnel leasing. We take care of the entire process and place employees individually according to your requirements. Our Services include besides organisational and administrative tasks, including the necessary forms and approvals.

Temporary workers

We take care of a reputable and uncomplicated hiring of workers from Eastern Europe

Work contracts

With work contracts, we assign personnel from Eastern Europe to carry out specific tasks for a specific contract period.


We support German companies in sending skilled workers from Eastern Europe in accordance with the legal regulations.

Service contracts

Service contracts from Eastern Europe are becoming increasingly popular for various services and projects.

If you are considering moving your production to Poland, we are your experienced partner when it comes to outsourcing production or outsourcing production to countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Serbia. Save high wages and additional costs. If required, we can also provide you with production halls and machines for your outsourcing to Poland or Eastern Europe and also guarantee good on-site support.