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Production workers from Poland

Production workers from Poland are employed in many different industries such as: Production assistants work, for example, in machine or metal construction, industry and plant construction, but also in the automotive industry, pharmaceutical, wood, food or textile industry. Due to the shortage of skilled workers in Germany, production workers from other EU countries are often deployed in German companies. A production assistant and production worker from Poland has many different tasks. On the one hand, he is responsible for the procurement and maintenance of the materials required for the manufacture of the product. He also assembles the parts that are used to create the final product and makes sure that they are put together in the right order. The production assistant from Poland also checks the components. He is also responsible for cleaning and lubricating the machines and for keeping accounts of all work carried out.

In addition, Polish production assistants are responsible for preparing raw materials for further processing and for packaging the final product. All these are important tasks in a production plant or factory. Production assistants from Poland or Eastern Europe are therefore important workers without whom the manufacture of products would be impossible. Production assistants from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Ukraine carry out all the tasks related to the procurement of materials, assembly and quality control needed to manufacture products. These people can be found in all branches of industry.

Production assistants in industrial sectors:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Metal construction
  • Energy technology
  • Photovoltaics or equipment manufacturing
  • Food industry
  • Factories
  • Textile industry
  • Metal industry

Production helper placement - temporary work & contracts for work and labour

We, from Zeitarbeit International, place production workers, production workers, production workers from Poland, the Baltic States and Eastern Europe.

Our personnel experts provide you with subcontractors and temporary workers for production, manufacturing industry, factories, metal industry, food industry. We place production workers, bottlers, production workers, assembly line workers, inspectors, packers & sorters, production workers from Poland and Eastern Europe. Even if many companies can hardly find any production workers in Germany, there are still a number of possible workers in Eastern Europe.

Because our goal is to connect German companies with companies in Eastern Europe. Do you have staffing problems, you have a large order but not enough staff? Then use our service, because we work with many subcontractors and temporary employment agencies in Eastern Europe and can promptly provide you with suitable production helpers from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania or the Ukraine.

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What does production assistant placement cost?

Are you looking for production employees as part of temporary employment or on a work contract basis? If you want to make use of our production assistants, just send us an inquiry. We then look for suitable candidates. As a rule, Polish production workers can be at the place of work within 7 days. For a commission we take over the entire work, take care of recruitment, meals, accommodation and transport to the place of work. We also take care of all the necessary paperwork, so you only place a few orders and can continue to focus on your core business.

We usually place over 50 production workers from Poland every month for a period of up to six months. Send us a personnel enquiry for production worker placement and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

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