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Our personnel services in subcontractor placement

We are your strong partner in the areas of subcontractor placement, personnel placement, temporary employment, temporary work from Poland and Eastern Europe. Our subcontractors are from trade, industry or construction. We mediate individually according to your requirements and ensure compliance with legal regulations, deadlines and agreements.

Are you looking for workers in industry, trade or production? We offer you individual personnel services for your personnel requirements through employee leasing, contracts for work and services, personnel placement or secondment of workers from Eastern Europe. We look forward to receiving your non-binding enquiry. In the areas of outsourcing and on-site management, we make individual arrangements according to your requirements and ensure compliance with legal regulations, deadlines and agreements. Our services include organisational and administrative tasks for subcontractors, costs for accommodation, meals, travel, separation allowances and much more.

Personnel services

Temporary workers 

A lack of skilled workers, applicants and candidates is prompting more and more German employers to acquire craftsmen, professional drivers and lorry drivers via a recruitment agency abroad. Personnel from Eastern Europe is the solution for companies and industries that want to escape the domestic shortage of skilled workers and achieve economic advantages through the supply of workers from Eastern Europe.

We take care of a reputable and uncomplicated hiring of workers from Eastern Europe


Work contracts

As a personnel service provider, we have specialized in all types of personnel placement from Eastern Europe. In addition to temporary workers from Eastern Europe, we also organize work contracts from Eastern Europe.

Firstly, entrepreneurs can rely on our targeted search for qualified personnel from Eastern Europe. In doing so, we take your requirements profile and social competences as the basis for the personnel placement from Eastern Europe. In addition, we prepare the employees optimally for their future work.


Service contracts

Service contracts are generally used for different services. Both contracting parties agree that the service provider will take on a certain task and receive remuneration for it. The service provider performs this task largely independently. This is an essential legal feature for service contracts from Eastern Europe.

The advantages of service contracts are the comparatively low costs and the low obligations on the side of the client.

personnel services


Many companies now cover their labour needs by sending workers from Eastern Europe. Germany has a shortage of workers in many areas. Qualified personnel from Eastern Europe is the solution. How companies want to organise the secondment from Eastern Europe depends on their needs and the respective legal framework. One option, for example, is the classic form of employee leasing from Eastern Europe, i.e. temporary work.

Personnel Services - Subcontractors from Poland & Eastern Europe

The subcontractor placement from Eastern Europe is a serious and uncomplicated way to compensate for the shortage of skilled workers in Germany in your own company with personnel from Eastern Europe. Entrepreneurs indicate the desired and necessary qualifications for the job to be filled, which the personnel agency from Eastern Europe uses to search for suitable specialists in its database.

On the basis of the merit offers, the activities to be carried out in the job offer and the requirements of the industry itself, workers can be found with the temporary worker from Eastern Europe who can fill the advertised position with know-how and specialist knowledge. The contract for hiring staff from Eastern Europe is processed directly through the temporary employment agency, which means that the entrepreneur himself can borrow staff from Eastern Europe and employ them in his company.

The shortage of skilled workers is a present and very sensitive issue in many industries. The offers and possibilities of personnel placement from Eastern Europe reduce the time required for the search and the lack of skilled workers can be compensated. In order to find suitable personnel from Eastern Europe, it is important to provide the personnel agency for Eastern Europe with specific information about the requirements of the temporary worker you are looking for. We are your contact here when looking for and finding qualified foreign temporary workers. We offer personnel services for all aspects of recruitment and look forward to getting to know you.

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