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Tiler from Poland - in only 7 days!

Are you looking for qualified tilers, parquet layers or plasterers in temporary employment or as a subcontractor from Poland? Zeitarbeit International has specialized in the placement of Polish craftsmen and offers German companies experienced Polish tilers, parquet layers or pavers as subcontractors by contract for work or by temporary employment.

Polish tiler teams are highly qualified, speak German and could be ready for action in Germany in 5-7 working days. For larger projects, we also provide our clients with tiler teams of up to 10 Polish tilers with their own tools and transport. Thanks to our network of permanent cooperation partners from Eastern Europe, our temporary workers and subcontractors tilers from Poland and Eastern Europe can implement many projects throughout Germany.

Polish tilers - subcontractor teams

Polish tiling teams consisting of 2 to 6 craftsmen are available at short notice. They bring their own tools and tile cutting machines. Our tiling teams and crews from Poland and Eastern Europe are active in new construction and renovation. They lay tiles in bathrooms, kitchens, complete flats or commercial projects on schedule.

We can also provide our customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland with tiling crews from Poland with up to 20 tilers for large projects.

Our tilers have professional experience tiling modern bathrooms and floors and are used for the following work:

  • Laying of ceramic tiles, tiles by Polish tiler
  • Laying ceramic tiles in the kitchen, bathroom, on the floor
  • Installation of bathroom equipment
  • Drilling holes in stone, glaze and glass
  • Laying glass mosaic and stone
  • Implementation of small architectural elements made of stone
  • Laying decorative stone elements
  • Laying natural stone tiles
  • Build-ups of tiles, stoneware and mosaics on shelves

Natural stone layer wanted?

Are you looking for pavers or natural stone layers from Poland or Eastern Europe? In addition to Polish natural stone layers, our experienced Eastern European recruiters can also use Czech, Slovakian or Ukrainian specialists and assistants for your construction project to carry out your construction project as a subcontractor with a work contract or by hiring out employees.

Polish craftsmen - Price list

What does a Polish craftsman cost? There are price lists that Polish craftsmen charge for renovation and construction work. Depending on the type of work, the hourly rate for a Polish craftsman is calculated. Continue to the price lists >>>

Find a tiler from Poland - with us as your partner!

Are you looking for tilers, parquet layers or other craftsmen from Poland and Eastern Europe? We are happy to help you! Our tilers are reliable and competent and offer professional performance for low costs. With our skilled workers from the Polish construction industry, some projects and building projects in many German cities can be implemented on time.
Contact us and we will find qualified personnel to suit your requirements.

Contact us: +49 24038092219


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