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What are subcontractors and what tasks do they perform in the construction process?

Subcontractor play a crucial role in the construction industry. They specialise in providing specialist services and expertise that are essential for the completion of complex construction projects.

What are subcontractors?

Subcontractors are companies or individuals who are commissioned by main contractors. They are commissioned to take on certain tasks or parts of a construction project. While the main contractor bears overall responsibility for the project, the subcontractor takes on specialised tasks that are required within the larger project context.

The role of subcontractors in the construction process

The main role of subcontractors is to provide specialised construction services that often go beyond the expertise and capacity of the main contractor. This can mean anything from installing electrical systems and pipework to painting and interior finishing. Subcontractors help to spread the workload, increase efficiency and improve the overall quality of the construction project.

Typical tasks and responsibilities of subcontractors

  1. Specialised construction work: subcontractors are often hired for specialised construction work that requires specific expertise and skills. Here are some classic examples:
  • Electrical installations: electrical installers take care of the wiring, installation of lighting systems and other electrical components.
  • Sanitinstallations: plumbers install and maintain pipework, sewage systems and sanitary facilities.
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology (HVAC): HVAC technicians install and maintain heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.
  1. Finishing work subcontractors often take on work that is necessary for the completion and expansion of buildings. These are classic works such as
  • Drywall: installation of plasterboard and partition walls.
  • Painting: painting of walls, ceilings and facades.
  • Flooring work: installation of tiles, carpets, wooden floors and other floor coverings.
  1. Special constructions and assemblies: subcontractors are engaged for certain constructions and installations that require specialised knowledge and equipment. These include
  • Steel construction: construction and assembly of steel beams and frames.
  • Window and doorinstallation: installation of windows and doors of different types and sizes
  • Roofing work: construction and repair of roofs, including the installation of roof tiles, shingles and roof waterproofing.
  1. Technical installations and systems. Subcontractors are also responsible for the installation and maintenance of technical systems:
  • Security and alarm systems: installation of security systems, surveillance cameras and alarm systems.
  • IT and network systemsInstallation of network cables, server rooms and IT infrastructure.

Why you should use a construction subcontractor for temporary work

The advantage of the Working with subcontractors The great thing about using a crane on construction sites is that you can deploy it exactly when you actually need it for the work in question. They are then completed quickly and efficiently by specialised personnel.

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