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If you are a construction company or service provider that regularly works with Subcontractors it is important to have a clear and transparent price list. What does a price list look like? In this article, we explain why a price list for subcontractors is crucial, how to create one and what advantages it offers.

Why a price list for subcontractors is important

A price list for subcontractors helps you to Control costs and to ensure that all parties Fairly paid become. With a well-structured price list you can:

  • Avoid misunderstandings
  • Making budget planning easier
  • Promoting better cooperation

A well thought-out price list is therefore not only a Tool for cost efficiencybut also a key to a successful and harmonious Cooperation with your subcontractors.

How to create a price list for subcontractors

Creating a subcontractor price list can be a challenge, but with the right steps, it can be efficient and easy. Here are some points to consider:

1. define services and activities

Firstly, you need to define the different services and activities that will be provided by your subcontractors. This could include construction work, cleaning services, IT support or other specialised tasks.

2. research subcontractor prices based on the market

Research the current market prices for the services you need. This will give you an idea of what is fair and competitive. Consider regional differences and specific requirements of your project.

3. define price structure

Establish a clear pricing structure. This could be on an hourly basis, per project or as a flat fee. Make sure that the structure is easy to understand and understandable.

4. consider additional costs

Don't forget to include additional costs such as travelling expenses, material costs or special equipment in your price list. These can have a significant impact on the total cost.

5. make contractual agreements

Once the price list has been drawn up, you should make contractual agreements to ensure that both parties understand and accept the conditions. This protects protect you and the subcontractor from misunderstandings and legal problems.

Advantages of a clear price list for subcontractors

Price lists for subcontractors should be formulated clearly and unambiguously. A clear and transparent price list offers several advantages:

  • Cost efficiencyYou know exactly how much you have to pay for each service, which makes budget planning easier.
  • TransparencyAll parties know the costs in advance, which builds trust and improves co-operation.
  • Planning securityWith a clear price list, you can plan projects better and ensure that they stay within budget.

By implementing a clear price list for subcontractors, you can not only minimise your financial Resources more efficient but also promote a trusting and productive business relationship, which ultimately benefits the success of your projects.

Examples of a price list for subcontractors

A price list can be created in different ways. Here are some examples of what a price list for subcontractors could look like:

Hourly rates:

  • Construction worker: 30 € per hour
  • Electrician: 45 € per hour
  • Painter: 25 € per hour

All-inclusive prices per project:

  1. Renovation of a room: € 2,000
  2. Installation of a new electrical system: €1,500
  3. Complete building cleaning: 800 €

Additional costs:

  • Travel costs: € 0.50 per kilometre
  • Material costs: At cost
  • Special equipment: 100 € per day

Through clear examples of a Price list for subcontractors, you can better control costs and set fair prices.

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Tips for managing subcontractors

The effective management of subcontractors is crucial to the success of a project. With the right tips and strategies, you can ensure that everyone involved works together efficiently and harmoniously.

  • Regular communicationKeep in regular contact with your subcontractors to ensure that everyone is on the same page.
  • Performance reviewCheck the performance of your subcontractors to ensure that the work meets quality standards.
  • Terms of paymentEnsure that payment terms are clearly defined and honoured on time.

By applying these tips for managing subcontractors, you can ensure smooth collaboration and ensure the success of your projects.


A well thought out Price list for subcontractors is an essential component of successful project management. It not only contributes to cost efficiency, but also promotes transparent and trusting collaboration. Use the above-mentioned Steps and tipsin order to create your own price list and ensure that your projects run smoothly.

A clear and transparent price list is the key to success when working with subcontractors. Start creating your own price list today. price list and benefit from the many advantages it offers.

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