Polish craftsmen such as roofers or bricklayers to scaffolders from Poland are very popular in Germany and have been in use throughout Europe for years. Skilled workers from Poland are known for their thoroughness and ability all over the world. Poland is the country of secondment to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Since England left the European Union, many Polish craftsmen have returned home and are looking for new employment in neighbouring Germany. Skilled workers such as carpenters, electricians, locksmiths and welders from Poland are looking forward to a new assignment with their German employer. It doesn't matter whether the craftsman from Poland is left to your company or is placed in the classic personnel placement.

Skills shortage

There is a great shortage of labour in Germany. Especially in the areas of crafts, industry, services, care, medicine and technical professions. But there is also a shortage of qualified workers in the fields of building construction, civil engineering, road construction, of course all finishing trades, but also sanitary, heating and electrical work. Many tenants in German metropolises often have to wait weeks for a tradesman when their flat is damaged. Those who need a painter have to be particularly patient.

The shortage of skilled workers leads to higher costs for craftsmen's services. For many companies in Germany, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find suitable staff. The solution is offered by qualified craftsmen and skilled workers from Poland and Eastern Europe. Gladly offers our company We also offer outsourcing production in Poland in all areas, such as logistics or metal production. Our Ukrainian locksmiths and welders as well as Polish and Ukrainian temporary workers, Serbian helpers and craftsmen are also ready to work. Craftsmen and helpers from Ukraine and Serbia require a work visa. Numerous German companies from industry have relocated their production to Eastern Europe and Poland.

Inform yourself without obligation about the possibilities to save high wages and additional costs. Our team will be happy to advise you on the topic of personnel from Poland and Eastern Europe. Skilled trade companies and subcontractors from Poland or Eastern Europe as well as countries such as the Czech Republic and Slovakia have many years of experience with assignments in Europe. Throughout Germany, we offer you the possibility of temporary employment or a contract for work from Poland and all of Eastern Europe.

Temporary work from Poland is the solution for craftsmen shortage

Employee leasing or temporary work is the solution to many personnel problems in craft enterprises. This is because it offers the possibility to react individually and flexibly to the various challenges:

  • Finding suitable craftsmen with the best professional qualifications
  • Missing jobs from Craft, industry or construction to be filled
  • Finding competent support (only tested and certified craftsmen from Poland and Eastern Europe)
  • Saving costs and time to find certified subcontractors with high professional qualifications at the best price-performance ratio.

We, Zeitarbeit International, support you in this:

  • We place certified subcontractors with high professional qualifications at the best price-performance ratio. We also cover the costs of accommodation, meals, travel and separation allowances.
  • We take care of all organisational and administrative tasks, handle all forms and permits and ensure that deadlines, agreements and the quality of the work are met.
  •  Our temporary workers speak German,are available quickly and can be used flexibly
  • Satisfied customers are the best proof - Infineon, BMW, Bosch, Porsche, Krones, Nestle trust in our experience, industry knowledge and competence. Convince yourself!

Work contract

With the help of a work contract, the need for a whole column of Polish workers can be solved. We take care of the work contracts and the complete processing.

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