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Eastern European recruitment agency as a solution to staff shortages

Many companies complain about the staff shortages. The labour market for Professional and auxiliary staff is very deficient in some sectors. Many German companies face the problem that they have enough work to do, but they lack the appropriate personnel. We take care that Eastern European unskilled workers such as shift workers, production assistants, weekend workers but also Polish craftsmen, roofers, painters, construction workers from Eastern Europe are available to you. Our job placement service for Eastern Europe is characterised by many different areas. We provide you with tilers as well as bricklayers for work in house construction, electricians, welders and locksmiths, production workers from Poland and Eastern Europe.

Our vision is simple and clear: The customer should be able to fill the missing manpower as simply and uncomplicatedly as possible, on time and with as little effort as possible. After you have placed your order with us, you can concentrate on your daily work. We process your order and provide you with the desired workers from Poland or Eastern Europe. It doesn't matter whether you need a craftsman, roofer, electrician, production worker, forklift driver or order picker. Our contacts and networks in Poland help us to find the right employee for your company. Of course, you will be informed about everything until the end, so that you are always up to date.

Staff shortages on the German labour market are increasing in many sectors

The Skills shortage in craft, industry, construction or production continues to increase significantly. Every second Company in Germany currently reports problems in filling missing positions.

In many occupational fields, companies can find neither sufficiently qualified skilled workers nor support staff on the German labour market.

Skilled personnel from Eastern Europe - a tried and tested means of avoiding staff shortages

The European Union offers companies easy access to the Eastern European labour market. Workers from EU countries as well as Latvia and Lithuania, Bulgaria and Romania enjoy EU freedom of movement. German companies are also allowed to recruit staff from Poland, Czech RepublicHungary, Bulgaria, Latvia and Lithuania. Staff shortages in Germany can be met with Eastern European workers. The demand for personnel from Eastern Europesuch as from Poland, HungaryCroatia, but also from the Baltic States and Bulgaria is increasing. Currently, Eastern European workers with qualifications as Electrician, Locksmiths, Welder, scaffolders, carpenters, roofers, bricklayers, plasterers, drywallers and fitters. German trade and industry also need numerous CNC milling cutters, CNC machine operators, cooks and professional drivers. Many companies also rely on auxiliary staff from Eastern Europe (for example, production assistants, production workers, production workers from Eastern Europe).

Temporary employment or secondment?

  • Employee leasing Eastern Europe
    In the case of temporary employment Eastern Europe, an employee is leased by his employer (lender) to another company (hirer) for a certain period of time in return for remuneration. Temporary employment Eastern Europe is also referred to as "loan work" or temporary employment Eastern Europe.
  • Posting
    When sending Eastern European staff, a specific work order must be processed on time.
    A secondment exists in the case of medium-term employment.
    Postings are subject to a Work contract underlying - services are provided on the basis of a service contract. When concluding a contract for work and services, you as a German entrepreneur do not enter into a long-term commitment. Rather, you commission the staff sent to you to carry out a very specific task.

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