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Recruitment of foreign skilled workers refers to professional placement services for personnel from abroad. These services are offered by recruitment agencies.

Recruitment agencies play a key role in placing workers from Recruitment agencies play a key role in placing workers from abroad with companies operating in Germany. with companies operating in Germany. They represent a bridge between the employer's needs and the skills of the foreign worker. This dynamic placement service in the placement of foreign skilled workers includes a number of strategic initiatives.

In fact, recruitment is much more than just a service. It is an integral partner in the complex process of international workforce management. This includes comprehensive support from identification and recruitment to managing the visa and immigration processes. Compliance with the German legal system is ensured.

3 Types of recruitment for foreign skilled workers

  1. Direct placement: recruitment agency helps place staff for permanent positions in companies. It often focuses on specific industries or job types.
  2. Temporary employment agencies: this type of placement involves providing workers for temporary employment. The agency entrusts the employees with tasks for customer companies for a certain period of time.
  3. Temporary assignment with option to take over: this is a combination of elements of temporary and permanent employment placement. Applicants start as temporary workers for a specific period of time. However, you have the option of being employed permanently by the customer company after this period. If everything goes according to plan on both sides.

What are the advantages of temporary employment agencies?

Hiring a recruitment agency for the temporary employment of foreign workers offers various advantages. Here are some of the key benefits for employers and employees:

  • Temporary work is a good way for a company to adapt its workforce to project needs. An example of this is seasonal fluctuations or other temporary requirements.
  • Professional placement agencies enable vacant positions to be quickly filled with qualified specialists. You have access to a pool of pre-vetted and quality employees.
  • By hiring staffing agencies, employers can potentially reduce the costs associated with a permanent position. An example of this are social benefits, training, etc.
  • These agencies take over the administrative work. In this way, they relieve the employer's internal resources.
  • Temporary work is a good way for employers to assess an applicant's performance before hiring them permanently.
  • Temporary workers are ideal for handling increased workloads. In this way, the existing workforce is not burdened.
  • The risk of turnover and other unforeseen problems is borne by the agency. This reduces the impact of risk on the hiring company.

Advantages of temporary recruitment for skilled workers:

Working with a recruitment agency offers foreign professionals a wide range of opportunities for growth and professional development. All this by acquiring new skills, professional experience and professional contacts. And of course chances of a permanent position in companies.

Placement of foreign skilled workers with temporary work internationally

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