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Looking for craftsmen from Poland?

As a recruiter from Poland and Eastern Europe, we provide German companies with craftsmen from Poland for almost all work: conversion, expansion, for refurbishments and renovations. For more than 20 years we have been working in Germany as a leading tradesman broker for construction companies. Our experienced workforce from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Slovenia, third countries, the Baltic States and Eastern Europe can be used for renovation and refurbishment in the construction industry. But also in industry and production. In addition, our Polish and Ukrainian craftsmen are used for interior design, bathroom renovation, plumbing, heating and electrical. We arrange hard-working tilers, roofers, painters, construction workers for demolition, disposal and renovation. With many years of experience in construction, our Polish craftsmen offer you professional and quality services in the construction sector.

Quality craftsmen work in the construction sector:

  • Drywall
  • Bathroom renovation, modernisation
  • Mason
  • Demolition work
  • Tiler,Laying of tiles, slabs and mosaic (floor, wall, complete bathroom).
  • Decorative Stone , Natural Stone Installation
  • Bathroom renovation
  • Flooring
  • Soil levelling
  • Screed
  • Installation of doors and windows
  • Filling
  • Grinding
  • Plastering
  • Paint
  • Painter , Painting : Interior , Exterior
  • Painter
  • Roofer
  • Demolition ,Disposal
  • Covering works
  • Wallpapering : All wallpaper
  • Removing old wallpaper, paint, laminate, windows and doors, tiles, PVC and more
  • Venetian spatula
  • Pouring out levelling compound
  • Electrical work
  • Electric underfloor heating
  • Water works
  • Assembly of all sanitary objects
  • Installation of doors, wooden frames, handle
  • Window installation made of wood, plastic, aluminium
  • Kitchen installation
  • Parquet / Finished parquet
  • Laying 3D Floor , Wall
  • Laminate / Vinyl Laminate / Carpet/ PVC

Subcontracting & recruitment in the construction industry

Are you looking for a Polish construction company for renovation, refurbishment or new construction? We are specialised in the placement of Polish craftsmen. We provide you with certified construction specialists quickly and easily: Roofers from Poland, painters, construction workers, craftsmen from Poland & Eastern Europe for renovation, interior work, structural and civil engineering, road construction or bridge building. We provide subcontracted craftsmen for the main and secondary construction trades for the construction and maintenance of structures and buildings, for renovation and refurbishment work of all kinds. Do you not yet have any experience with craftsmen from Poland? Trust us! Polish craftsmen are reliable and hard-working. No matter what field of work: whether wood, metal or construction workers from Poland. Craftsmen from Poland are resilient and popular all over the world for their skill and ability. Whether you are looking for a craftsman or construction crew from Poland, our network is active throughout Europe.  Learn more>>

Polish tradesmen placement - with us as your partner!

At Zeitarbeit International, we successfully place Polish workers with German companies to their full satisfaction. Thanks to our many years of experience in recruitment in Eastern Europe and our large network in other EU countries, we can find workers from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Baltic States and the Ukraine who are a perfect match for your company. We take care of the complete processing and organization: personnel search, contracting, communication, transport of the employees from Poland to your company as well as accommodation on site. Even after your workers have arrived in Germany from Poland, we support them with their induction and ensure smooth processes and easy communication. Since many of our craftsmen from Poland have already worked in Germany, they can communicate well.

If you are convinced and want to work with us as a partner, contact us and we will help you find the missing tradesmen quickly and cost-effectively. More about us >>>

This is how our craftsmen mediation works

  • Tell us yours staff requirements with - by telephone or by enquiry form.
  •  Based on your criteria, we will create a requirements profil for your skilled or unskilled worker from Poland or Eastern Europe.
  •  We search our internal database suitable craftsmen, that meet your criteria.
  •  We collect the necessary Documents, organise the transport from the workers to the place of work. Already in 7 days our craftsmen from Poland can be ready to work in Germany.

Our personnel services:

We are your strong partner in the areas of subcontractor placement, personnel placement, temporary employment, temporary work from Poland and Eastern Europe. Our subcontractors are from trade, industry or construction. We mediate individually according to your requirements and ensure compliance with legal regulations, deadlines and agreements.

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