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The terms Temporary work and work contracts are often misinterpreted. Improper use of these terms can lead to serious consequences for your business. Employers and employees deal with different forms of employment in the modern German labor market. Therefore, it is necessary to know about each form in order to avoid harmful consequences for your company. In this article we will make a comparison between temporary employment and work contracts. We will highlight the advantages of temporary employment over contract work.

The difference between temporary employment and work contracts

An Work contract is a type of freelance contract. It represents a contract through which the employee is obliged to achieve a certain result. Here the employee does not only owe the employer certain activities, as is the case with a normal employment contract. Rather, he owes him a finished product. And payment is made once, after the result has been achieved. For example, repairing a computer or building a house. Under this contract, the employee pays his or her own contributions. And payment for the services under the contract goes directly from the client to the contractor. More about contracts for work >>>

Temporary work does not mean any type of temporary work. But it is another word for temporary employment or temporary work. So, with temporary work there has to be a third party who acts in the role of a mercenary. With temporary employment, the employee signs a contract with the temporary employment agency. It issues his salary and is responsible for social and health insurance. While the relationship between the company and the temporary employment agency is governed by a different contract. More about temporary work >>>

The type of contract that is best for you depends on your specific needs and the nature of your work.

Is temporary work better than contract work?

It is important to point out that temporary employment cannot always be considered the better option. These concepts have their advantages and disadvantages. And which benefits you will take advantage of depend on your preferences and the needs of your company. Here are some features that make temping a better option: 

  • Temporary work is more about ongoing support than contractual work. This type of employment offers more flexibility for companies. And for companies with fluctuating workloads, this is the decisive advantage.
  • With temporary employment you have direct access to qualified workers. This saves you the lengthy recruitment process. And you receive comprehensive support throughout the entire process of immigrating foreign workers.
  • The administrative effort is significantly reduced with temporary employment. Because the employment agency takes care of all contracts relating to workers. So this is a big advantage for both companies and employees.
  • Temporary workers enjoy a certain level of security in contrast to work contracts. During temporary work, the employment agency takes care of the employees' taxes, social security and health insurance. Here, employees are also more exposed to different industries. And that means greater professional experience.

When is a contract for work better than temporary work?

A work contract is cheaper if there is a specialized task and a clearly defined goal that needs to be achieved. Because the work contract brings more predictability.  If the project requires special skills, this type of contract allows specialists to be hired from the site. You complete the task and receive a fixed fee for it. 

Contracts for work are therefore particularly advantageous if the company has a fixed budget for the project. This type of contract is also more attractive for professionals who require a high level of independence.


Choosing the right form of employment has a significant impact on your company's performance. Therefore, it is of great importance to understand the different types of employment contracts and distinguish between employment contracts of great importance.

The type of employment you choose depends on the needs of your company, the nature of the work, and the level of flexibility and control required. Legal considerations are also an important factor that you should not ignore when choosing your form of employment.

Do you still have questions about these forms of employment? We at Temporary Work International will be happy to advise you and help you make the right decision. As a leading personnel service provider, we place temporary workers and subcontractors from Poland and Eastern Europe. Get in touch with us!

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