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It is now commonplace in various industries and in the construction sector to employ companies from abroad to carry out work. Reasons such as lower wages and a shortage of skilled workers are just some of the main ones.

When employing subcontractors, there are various things that need to be taken into account when it comes to the obligation to provide proof. We will go through these different forms of proof.

Do you need to register a business?

If a subcontractor wants to operate in Germany, he will of course need to register a business in his home country. This provides proof that he is an independent company and is authorized to carry out commercial activities. It is important to note that the business registration should be up to date and also state the company's current field of activity.

Are there tax reporting obligations in Germany?

Another important requirement for subcontractors from EU countries is the provision of A1 certificates, which provide proof that the subcontractor's employees are covered by social security in their home country. These certificates are important to ensure that workers pay all required social security contributions and that their rights as employees are protected.

Is it mandatory to register a service with the German Chamber of Crafts?s

This depends on the type of work. If the subcontractor is practicing a trade that requires a master craftsman, a service notification must be submitted to the German Chamber of Crafts. In addition to the business registration, this shows that the subcontractor is authorized to practice the trade in question and has all the necessary qualifications and permits. This service notification is absolutely essential in the trade sector, as it is important proof of the legality of working with foreign subcontractors.

Do you have to register with customs?

Subcontractors from EU countries who operate in Germany must register with German customs. This ensures that all labor and social security regulations are complied with and that employees are properly registered. Registration with customs is an important step to ensure that cooperation with foreign subcontractors is legal and that all legal requirements are met.

Is there an identification requirement for staff who are deployed?

In addition to the documents mentioned above, subcontractors from EU countries must also present the identity cards or passports of their employees. This of course first proves the identity of the employees. But even more importantly, it can also be used to show that they are allowed to work in Germany.

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