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Nowadays, it is perfectly normal for German companies to hire subcontractors from Poland. Polish workers are in high demand, especially in the construction industry. They have good technical knowledge and a work ethic that many German employees do not have.

In order to be able to employ Polish subcontractors in Germany, you should conclude a work contract that protects both parties.

What is a work contract?

A work contract is an agreement between two parties in which one party undertakes to provide a specific work for a fixed price. In the case of Subcontractors from Poland who work in Germany often have work contracts. The subcontractor undertakes to provide a specific service, such as installing pipes or carrying out painting work, and receives an agreed fee for this.

By concluding a work contract, both you and the subcontractor are informed about the work and the payment and there can be no misunderstandings later. Learn more >>>

What are the legal framework conditions when you conclude work contracts with subcontractors from Poland?

It is important to remember that when employing foreign personnel, legal framework conditions must always be met. In the case of Polish subcontractors, these include:

  • Contract law: all important details and conditions are clearly defined in the work contract and should be unambiguous. This will prevent any misunderstandings and disputes later on
  • Employment Law: It is particularly important that Polish companies comply with labor law regulations in Germany. This includes things like the minimum wage, working hours and occupational safety
  • Social security: The Polish subcontractor must ensure that all personnel are properly insured and that all relevant contributions are paid.
  • Tax regulations: You as the main client are obliged to ensure that your Polish subcontractor also meets all tax obligations for the employment of Polish subcontractors. This includes, above all, VAT and all duties.

What should you consider if you want to work successfully with subcontractors from Poland?

It is important that both sides are happy with the collaboration. To ensure this is the case on your part, you should think about a few things:

  1. Communicate clearly: Your expectations and requirements should be clearly formulated so that they can be implemented to your satisfaction.
  2. Build trust: Every employee appreciates it when you treat them fairly and respectfully. Open communication helps enormously here.
  3. Check the work: You should regularly check the progress of the work on site. This way you can ensure that the services you have specified in the contract are also being met. This also avoids disputes later on.
  4. Solve problems quickly: When problems arise, try to find solutions together with your Polish subcontractor. The solutions should be acceptable to both sides.

Are you looking for a partner at your side?

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